CANAL WHARF is the perfect connection between the the centre of Brussels and the fast-renewing canal neighbourhood. This four-building complex is arranged around a particularly original island of greenery, located on the banks of the canal, and offers 253 modern, bright, spacious and very comfortable apartments.

The development is being built in 2 phases.

Phase 01

Phase 1, two buildings of 132 apartments (Wharf A and Wharf B), has been completed, handed over and marketed with great success. Wharf A is located on the Quai des Péniches side, while Wharf B runs parallel to the Quai de Willebroeck.

Phase 02

Phase 2, two buildings of 121 apartments (Wharf C and Wharf D), is now on sale. Wharf C is located at right angles to the Quai de Willebroeck and Wharf D runs parallel to the Quai des Péniches, overlooking the canal.


Within walking distance, you will find the trendy boutiques of the rue Antoine Dansaert, but also those of the Rue Neuve and City2, the restaurants of the Saint-Catherine district or those of the Grote Markt...the choice is great!...
The Museum of Modern Art, Kanal Centre Pompidou, is also located at the end of the Quai des Péniches.
This district, which is part of the "Canal Plan", is full of new projects, the construction of the Beco park on the opposite banks, the conversion of the Tour&Taxis site, the construction of the Suzan Daniel bridge, not to mention the services, shops and other residential developments which will give this district a certain dynamism.


The design of the Canal Wharf project has been entrusted to 3 renowned Belgian architectural firms:

  • Stéphane Beel

    a Ghent architect of international renown, is coordinating the entire site. He is one of the representatives of the "Nieuwe Eenvoud" architectural movement that has been developing in Belgium since the late 1990s. This movement advocates a form of minimalism, or even deconstructivism, to offer buildings with clean and simple lines.

  • Architectes Associés

    headed by Marc Lacour and Sabine Leribaux, is a firm that has always paid particular attention to the community aspects of architectural projects and their interaction with the economic, social and cultural fabric of their urban environment. This vision can be found in many projects, involving both housing and businesses engaged in sustainable development.

  • 51N4E

    headed by Johan Anrys and Freek Persyn, is an architectural firm that has built a solid reputation for design. Its approach focuses on social and urban transformations and it has also engaged in strategic thinking on a future vision for the development of large-scale urban spaces in Brussels, Bordeaux and Istanbul.

Each architect has worked on the basis of a common set of specifications, including rules for finishes, choice of materials, layout of balconies or shape of the window and door frames.
Under Stéphane Beel's coordination, the result is a truly harmonious whole, as expressed in the stylised architecture, the choice of textures and marriage of colours.

On the outside, each façade of the four buildings has its own identity, with a specific outline, wall colour and a variety of materials that expresses the vision of the architect concerned.
Inside, there is a consistent emphasis throughout on white and pastel shades.


  • Wharf A: Stéphane Beel

  • Wharf B: 51N4E

  • Wharf C: Architectes Associés

  • Wharf D: Stéphane Beel

  • Wharf A: Stéphane Beel

  • Wharf B: 51N4E

  • Wharf C: Architectes Associés

  • Wharf D: Stéphane Beel

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